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The Mystery Of The Voynich Manuscript Finally Solved

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Mathematicians from the RAS Institute of Applied Mathematics deciphered the Voynich manuscript, currently kept at Yale University’s Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, with an unusual code-breaking technique. They first removed all of the vowels and spaces, turning the codex into what looked like one extremely long Russian name. That obviously wasn’t the solution. But believe it or not, it was close.
They compared the vowel-less, space-less string of characters to Indo-European languages such as the Slavic subgroup, Germanic, Romance, Greek, Bac and Latin. They then looked at the Ural family of languages and the Finno-Ugric (Hungarian) branch. They also included artificial languages such as Esperanto, Interlingua and Klingon. You read that right … Klingon. A statistical analysis on all of that data concluded that the text was 60 percent English and German and 40 percent Romance language – Spanish, Italian and maybe a little Latin.

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